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I have designed products for:

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The vast majority of the work I do is performed under strict non-disclosure agreements.  As such I cannot publicly share the details of much of the work I have done.  However, I can provide links to public information about the products on which I have worked as well as comments from my coworkers and supervisors.

"Ian is one of the most inventive people that I've ever worked with, and one of the most skilled mechanical engineers that I've come across. When we were colleagues at Thoratec, he would go from idea (whether his own, mine, or someone else's) to prototype so quickly it almost seemed impossible. Ian is passionate about his work, and good at keeping his skill set up to date. He's friendly and easy to work with." - Coworker, High Level Engineer & Scientist, Thoratec (now Abbott)

ohsu artificial heart (oregonheart)

fully implanted artificial heart

Based on Dr. Richard Wampler’s novel shuttling pump design concept, OregonHeart is developing a highly effective, reliable, durable (10+ year product life), and cost-efficient Total Artificial Heart System (TAHS) appropriate for both pediatric and adult destination therapy with much improved quality of life outcomes for patients.


fully implanted artificial heart

Based on Dr. Richard Wampler’s novel shuttling pump design concept, OregonHeart is developing a highly effective, reliable, durable (10+ year product life), and cost-efficient Total Artificial Heart System (TAHS) appropriate for both pediatric and adult destination therapy with much improved quality of life outcomes for patients.

a wireless energy transfer system for left ventricular assist devices

class III active implantable

a second generation mechanical bearing left ventricular assist device

class III active implantable

a third generation, magnetically levitated left ventricular assist device

class III active implantable

patent pending

a high volume disposible electrosurgical pencil

a cordless, ultrasonic vessel sealing device

a computer enabled camera with computer vision software integrated into pharmacy management system

a revolutionary new portable kidney dialysis machine with integrated RO water filtration

completely custom outdoor, ultra-bright, air-conditioned digital ad displays








worlds first underwater projector enclosures

part of the wide world of color water projection show

 part of the disney espn wide world of sports complex at disney world

a tipboard can be seen one minute into the video

systems Delivered to Carnegie Mellon, Nikon, Fuji, Argonne National Labs, Ball Aerospace and more 

 second generation mechanical bearing left ventricular assist device

class III active implantable

child and infant sized versions of the Jarvik 2000 left ventricular assist device for the NIH PUMPKIN program

class III active implantable

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"I’ve worked with Ian in the past on an advanced R&D project where he was the Senior Engineer. Ian surpassed all expectations while leading the project because of his passion for Engineering and general curiosity of the sciences. His expertise is vast, with technical expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Systems Engineering. What set him apart in the project, was his ability envision the long term strategy for the design, while also being hands on in the detailed day to day Engineering operations. While he has strengths in Solidworks for mechanical design, LabVIEW for electrical prototyping, and MATLAB for data analysis, he is consistently looking for new tools and modern approaches to “think outside the box.” This created an exciting work environment where innovation was the forefront of daily work. I recommend Ian for any project where Engineering expertise and culture are valued" - Coworker, OregonHeart

"It is with great pleasure that I share my professional endorsement of Ian McEachern. Ian and I worked together within a small group of engineers, on a design and development project for a total artificial heart (TAH). The company project comprised inordinate challenges especially in the design and development of the operational control system. Ian took on the challenges with technical proficiency and enthusiasm. His demonstrated expertise of systems engineering has enabled continued advancement toward company objectives. In closing, I believe Ian to be a true asset to any company that aspires to engineer cutting edge solutions in medical technology." - Coworker, OregonHeart

"I had the pleasure of working with Ian at Thoratec on a number of critical and technically complex projects. Ian brought an inventive, reasoned, and analytical approach to technical and business related challenges and was a great pleasure to work with. Ian has a diverse background and adapts to new challenges with ease. He was a valued member of our team and universally respected by his peers. I hope our paths cross again and wholeheartedly endorse his addition to engineering teams solving difficult problems who seek a leader, team player, and technical expert." - Supervisor and Executive, Thoratec (now Abbott)

"Ian worked with me as part of the systems engineering team at Thoratec Corporation, a company that creates mechanical circulatory solutions for patients with cardiac insufficiency. While at Thoratec, Ian was a very innovative engineer, and was constantly engaged in generating and evaluating new and novel solutions to real world challenges. His engagement was genuine and refreshing. With Ian, you will always get different solutions to your problems." - Supervisor and Executive, Thoratec (now Abbott)

"I had the opportunity to work with Ian on several very technically challenging electromechanical medical device development projects. Ian proved to be an invaluable asset to which ever project he was working on by demonstrating expertise in the areas of ideation, analysis, problem solving, design, prototyping, test development, and test execution. Through dedicated hard work and a sense of urgency, Ian delivered robust solutions that consistently met or exceeded expectations. It would be my pleasure to endorse Ian." - Coworker, Thoratec (now Abbott)

"Ian is an outstanding Engineer. Very smart! Many of his piers came to him for advice, including myself" - Coworker, Thoratec (now St. Abbott)

"Ian is a hard working engineer who is passionate about delivering innovative solutions to complex problems. In addition to his technical expertise, Ian brings a very positive attitude, which would be an asset to any product development team that Ian would be a part of." - Supervisor and Executive, Thoratec (now Abbott)

"I was a colleague of Ian's during the 2013-2014 timeframe in an R&D Mechanical Engineering group at Thoratec. Ian has the desirable, but rare, ability to analyze problems and identify creative, practical ways to address those problems. This ability is the supported by Ian's interest in keeping up to date on wide-ranging technical developments and by his hands-on aptitude and very thorough, logical though processes. As a technically-oriented engineer, I always valued Ian's input in problem analysis and brainstorming situations." - Coworker, Thoratec (now Abbott)

"I worked alongside Ian at Thoratec (now St. Jude). He is a passionate, tenacious and experienced product design engineer. He commonly delivers "outside the box" ideas and solutions to consistently solve difficult product development problems. I would be very happy to have him as a member of my technical team on any project." - Coworker, Thoratec (now Abbott)

"I had the great pleasure to work with Ian on projects at Thoratec (now St. Jude Medical). Ian is a talented and hard working design engineer. He has demonstrated great skills in analyzing difficult problems and coming up with innovative design concepts and his willingness to take initiatives. Ian designed and prototyped a novel heat insulating cover for a challenging use case. I would be happy to work with Ian anytime." - Coworker, Thoratec (now Abbott)

"Ian was my lead engineer for 11 months on a medical device project. I was a little apprehensive about reporting to a younger engineer, but Ian was able to effectively communicate what needed to be done and what I needed to do differently in a humble yet clear manner. His own designs were innovative yet robust. Ian was great to work with and I learned a lot from him." - Coworker, Evergreen Research

"Evergreen Research is a premier provider of contract engineering in medical device R&D and just employs the most talented engineers. Ian was part of the team developing the Tablo Hemodialysis device. Ian's productivity and quality were exceptional. He designed numerous components of the system resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction. Ian was great to work with." - Coworker, Evergreen Research

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  • Rotary Seal for Cantilevered Rotor Pump and Methods for Axial Flow Blood Pumping WO 2018/017716 A1 - thoratec /st. jude/abbott

  • programmed power control apparatus with universal sensor interfaces for indoor agriculture and internet-of-things(IoT) systems 62/736,227 – grow computer 

  • resonant power transfer systems with communications 15/032,299 – thoratec/st. jude/abbott 

  • wireless energy transfer system and wearables US20170063143A1 – thoratec/st. jude/abbott 

  • rotary seal for cantilevered rotor pump & methods for axial flow blood pumping 62/365,305. thoratec/st. jude/abbott 

  • improved work station for medical dose preparation system pct/us2013/032545 baxa/baxter 

  • ingress protection for electrosurgical pencil switch 62/053,981  - covidien/medtronic 

  • ingress protection for electrosurgical pencil switch 62/053,992 – covidien/medtronic 

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