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Ford Super Duty Upfitter Switch Distribution Module
  • Ford Super Duty Upfitter Switch Distribution Module

    Introducing our innovative Distribution Module for Ford Super Duty Trucks - the ultimate solution for seamlessly connecting a wide range of 12V truck accessories to your Ford Super Duty truck's upfitter switches.


    Unlock the full potential of your vehicle's upfitter switches with our Distribution Module, designed to simplify the process of connecting various truck accessories to your upfitter switches. Whether you're a professional contractor, outdoor enthusiast, RV'er or simply looking to enhance your truck's basic functionality, this module is the perfect companion for your Ford Super Duty.


    Key Features:

    • Highest Quality Phoenix Contact Terminal Block inputs to connect to the stock Ford Upfitter wiring harness

    • Qty 2  Highest Quality Andersen Powerpole 40 amp DC PCB mount connectors for the two 40 amp circuits

    • Highest Quality Phoenix Contact Terminal Block outputs to connect to the 4 other lower current circuits

    • Seamless Integration: Our Distribution Module is specifically engineered to work flawlessly with the upfitter switches on Ford Super Duty trucks. It provides a centralized hub to connect and control multiple 12V truck accessories, including lighting systems, winches, air compressors, auxiliary power outlets, and more. Say goodbye to complicated wiring setups and enjoy a streamlined installation process.

    • Expanded Versatility: With our Distribution Module, you can effortlessly expand your truck's capabilities. The module features multiple output port types and versatile terminal blocks, allowing you to connect a wide range of accessories simultaneously. Customize your truck's setup to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you have power readily available for all your equipment.

    • Simplified Control: Managing your accessories has never been easier. The Distribution Module provides individual breakouts for each upfitter switch, granting you precise control over power distribution. The integrated ground bus makes sure there is a robust ground connection for each and every circuit, with only one ground wire to the truck needed.

    • Durable and Compact Design: We understand the demands of the trucking lifestyle. The Distribution Module is built to withstand the rugged environments you encounter. Its robust construction ensures durability, while the compact size allows for flexible installation options, even in tight spaces. It's designed to seamlessly integrate into your truck's existing setup without sacrificing valuable storage or legroom.


    Upgrade your Ford Super Duty truck with our Distribution Module and experience the convenience and versatility of connecting and controlling your 12V truck accessories through the upfitter switches. Unleash the full potential of your truck, enhance productivity, and take your adventures to new heights with ease.


    Note: Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper wiring and integration with your truck's electrical system. Always consult the user manual and follow safety guidelines when connecting accessories to the Distribution Module.


    Note: Not all 


    The module is available as a raw unpopulated PCB, a solder-it-yourself kit, and as a fully assembled board.  All available with or without a 3d printed enclosure.

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