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Ideas are scary

This commercial does a fabulous job of conveying what I do for a living.


The Daring: Steve Wozniak - Cadillac


Cadillac Poolside "August" Commercial

I am proud to be a "crazy driven hard working believer"

Adora Svitak - What adults can learn from kids

We can learn so much from kids, especially this one.

Simon Sinek - Start with why

Always start with why.

Steve Jobs "calling the homer"

This is a very early video of Steve Jobs just after founding Apple Computer.  This is an unbelievable moment caught on tape.  In this clip Steve Jobs explains the user experience revelation he had, and how it will change computing over the next 25 years.  This is him as a young man pointing to the stands and calling the home run, like Babe Ruth.  Truly remarkable.

Apple 1984 Commercial and Introduction

The release of the Macintosh, the iconic Ad, and the legendary introduction by Jobs.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address

"Look at the world around you, it was all made by people no smarter than you"

ideo nightline - shopping cart

This nightline piece was my (and many folks') introduction to design thinking and user needs based design.

David Kelly - How to build your creative confidence

David Kelly, Stanford professor and ideo founder on creative confidence.  Another great TED talk.

After seeing this man speak in person I was forever inspired.

Grace Hopper - David Letterman

Legendary computer scientist Grace Hopper on Letterman.  She is a national treasure.








John F Kennedy Apollo Speech


Malcolm Gladwell - Norden Bomb Site

Made by Carl Norder the Norden bombsite was one of, if not the most amazing technological marvels of WWII.  And a lesson on the greater context of our work as engineers.

Malcolm Gladwell - David and Goliath

"...sometimes the shepherd boy has a sling in his pocket."

Sam Berns - My Philosophy for a Happy Life


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