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Pie and product development

What does pie have to do with product development? We will get there - but first - this post is about allowing ourselves the time to suppose, stew, smolder and steep on a problem in that deep almost subconscious way. If you are like me, the problems you are solving are not simple or straightforward. Often their solution takes the type of deep understanding that only comes with taking real time to truly understand the challenge, and only then can we successfully navigate the path to a solution.

Whether it is eating pie, cake or kale - cycling, running or crossfitting - soaking, showering or simply screening a movie - it is vital to allow yourself the time to fully research, devour and digest the problems we face if we are to deliver ever more creative and effective solutions.

Now finally, what does pie have to do with product development? It is best explained with a clip from one of my favorite movie franchises. It is not shown in this clip, but important to note - immediately following this clip our heroes embrace the concept of pie, solve the puzzle and save the day!

Always make time for pie.

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