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The Day Dylan Got It Right

"Why can't we get that right, man?" - Bob Dylan

In this radio piece from NPR you can hear the creative process, the "trial, error, and dead ends..." that we all face when creating. All too often we only hear the final, finished version of the creative process and we are not privy to the messy, gritty and often trying path to get there. After this song changed our collective culture, psyche and became a pervasive part of our modern life - we get to hear how it came to be. Even a genius in his most genius years struggled to create the perfect song....he succeeded because of it- his struggle.

After playing the song all the way through for the very first time (and this take in fact ended up being the recording we all know, the "one") they were listening to the playback in the booth....(as recalled by Al Kooper) "About a minute in to the song Bob said to Tom Wilson 'Turn up the organ' and Tom said 'That guy's not an organ player' and Bob said 'I don't care, turn the organ up'...and that...that was the moment I became an organ player"

Creating things is rarely easy - usually messy and difficult - but worth it.

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