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The Apollo Computers

Apollo Saturn V Flight Computer

I love Apollo. For me and many others one of the most interesting aspects of the whole project was the Computer Hardware created for the missions..

They were some of the first integrated circuit based computers.

They were made by manually wire wrapping each circuit and then potting the whole thing in epoxy.

They used hand woven memory.

They were remarkable.

I've had the great fortune of viewing some of this hardware in person during a visit to and tour of the DFJ headquarters on Sand Hill Road. All but one of the images here are from my photos from that visit.

Thankfully I'm not the only one interested in the history of this device and there is now a wealth of great detailed technical information about it out there including many folks who have made replicas. I've collected all the resources I've found so far and collected them here. I will update this list as I find more.

Apollo Saturn V Flight Computer
Apollo Guidance Computer - Image from Wikipedia

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