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Ode to a Monte Carlo

"...It's the GM engineering I'd like to thank.."

While listening to one of my favorite radio programs, Car Talk I came across this wonderful "Ode to a Monte Carlo" written and performed by a listener.

In the end it has nothing to do with a particular brand, style or even automobiles themselves. What's important here is that the things we design become an integral part of people's lives for years, decades, and lifetimes. When we design products we are forced to think about business cases, safety standards, product testing, profit margins, marketing viability, and user needs. Yes, all of these things are very important - essential really. However none of these items makes a product people will love - a product people will write an ode to.

In the start of this new year I have one thing on my mind professionally - designing products people will write odes about in the decades to come.

The Entire Program - Be sure to click on segment 6:

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