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Creative Collaboration - The Story of Graceland

Listening to a re-release of one of my favorite albums, I was delighted to find a hidden gem. On Paul Simon's recently released Graceland 25th Anniversary Edition there is a rare insight into the creative process behind a hit song. It's right at the end, the last track, number 17 for those who are counting. It starts with Paul's voice overlaid onto the title track of the album - Graceland.

I won't spoil it for you - but this insight into the creative process highlights the organic, new and interesting ways in which creative partnerships grow, evolve and lead to groundbreaking work. Often it it is not what you see in your idea, or what others see in your idea, but what we see in and ultimately learn from each other that moves the world forward.

Creative collaboration - essential for great music, art, and yes - product design. I think we can all find inspiration to improve our creative collaborations from Paul's "The Story of Graceland"...

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